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Thursday, December 31, 2009

University Reopens

For the past 13 years of my primary and secondary school years, I’ve been using the phrase “School Reopens”. So now since I’m studying in a University, I think it’s appropriate for me to use the phrase “University Reopens” for the title of my blogs post.

University Reopens

For me, my University session for this semester started on the 21/12/2009. So on the 21/12/2009, I made a one day trip down to Kuala Lumpur just to register myself with the college personnel and went back home immediately after that. To be honest, I skipped classes for the whole week. Yes, I’m guilty of that. But thank God that my lecturers didn’t start teaching yet. So skipping 1st week of class is good after all.

So I went back to University a week after that which was on the 27/12/2009. I reached my room at 3pm and started cleaning up the place. The picture below is how my room looked like before arranging and unpacking my things.

Room Condition (before)

Yea, I know that some of you might be thinking which guy on the earth would be bringing so much things to college. Want to know why? You would have to continue reading to know the answer. I will tell you the reasons somewhere in this post :-)

Unpacking my things was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. It’s much harder than packing up my things. My hands & legs were tired, my body was aching, and my stomach just wont stop growling. I was so tired, I nearly gave up unpacking my things and just wished that I could take a nap. But then I never gave up unpacking my things (<--- sounds so…). It took me 4 hours to unpack & rearrange my things. Although it’s a tiring task but it’s worth the sacrifice just to have the results below.

Room Condition (after)

Some of you might still be curious about why did I bring so many things here right? Actually, 2 of my begs were fully filled with loads of foods. Yeah, it’s FOOD!


Appeton Weight Gain & Soya Powder

Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk

I know some of you might be shocked after looking at those pictures above. But if you are in my shoes, you would understand why did I bring so much food here. For those who know me, I’m a girl guy that weight 53kg and is 168cm in height. Personally, I feel that I’m very skinny.

So I’ve decided to have the determination to gain more weight and to gain more body mass throughout my university life. I also receive a lot of scolding/mumbling encouragements from my sister. We made an agreement, that she’ll lose the same amount of weight that I’ve gained through a period of time. Haha.. I hope that in the future, the size of my body will look like the figure on the Appeton Weight Gain container. :-)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Celebration 2009 (Part 2)

This post will be the continuation of my previous blog post, Christmas Celebration 2009 (Part 1). For those who have missed it, you can click here to read it.

My previous post was about my experiences on Christmas Eve. So this post, I’ll be talking about the things I did on Christmas day. Lets begin. On Christmas morning, I went to church at 9.30am. The church was packed with people. Some of them even stand throughout the service (pity them). We started singing Christmas Carols and then there was a performance from the children department. The children recite some bible verses and sang Every Move I Make. They are so adorable when they started colliding with each other while doing actions for the song.

After that, the Carolling Team sang 2 carols, Silent Night and Joy To The World (Acapella). I love hearing them sing Joy To The World because the way they sang it was harmonise. It just make me smile the whole time hearing them sing it. I manage to record the video with my handphone and I’ve converted it to an audio clip for you guys to hear (sorry for the poor sound quality. I can assure you that hearing them singing live was much better than this recorded one).

Then there was a singing performance from the Chinese Department. I’ve no idea what was the song title. It’s not because I’m not paying attention, but it is because I’m a “Banana”.


Yes I admit that I’m a “Banana”. Happy?? (for my overseas friend that is reading this blog, the meaning of banana means “I’m a Chinese who do not know how to read/write in Chinese”).

The last performance for the service was from the Adult Department. They sang 2 carols and everyone started exchanging Christmas present after that. It’s nice to see people’s faces when they received their present(s). I received mine too. It’s a tiny cup with a bear in it (sorry I forget to snap a picture of it).

My family and I had our Christmas Dinner in Sendo No Ya, a Japanese Restaurant in town. Sendo No Ya would be one of the two dinning area for us besides Sushi King.

Sendo No Ya


I ordered a bowl of Sakana Udon for myself. I liked the taste of the Udon served with the flavoured soup. Overall my dish was nice but the only thing that I dislike about it was the Grilled Unagi and the Deep Fried Fish was in the flavoured soup together with the Udon. It’s because by the time I eat, the sauce on the Unagi have been diluted into the soup and the Deep Fried Fish was soaking wet.

Sakana Udon

My other family members they ordered Seafood Hot Plate, Unagi Bento, Seafood Fried Rice, Salmon Don and Fried Udon something something (sorry, I forgotten the full name, blame it on my sis because she can’t remember what she ordered) Haha.. I manage to take a small bite out of all the dishes stated above except for the Salmon Don.

The Seafood Hot Plate was served with a bowl of rice. This dish was yummylicious. The sauce that they used was spicy, sweet, and salty. Everything was “ngam ngam ho” perfect. I regretted not ordering it.

Seafood Hot Plate

The Unagi Bento was nice. I manage to take a bite out of the Unagi. I just love the sweet taste and soft texture of the eel (although it look like a snake).

Unagi Bento

Seafood Fried Rice would sound a little ordinary to some of you. But I can assure you that the Seafood Fried Rice served in Sendo No Ya is delicious and it’s something different compared to an ordinary restaurant. I’m very sure about this because my dad ordered Seafood Fried Rice 3 times in a row every time we eat there. :-) (sorry, I didn’t snap a picture of the Seafood Fried Rice).

Alright, here a picture of the Salmon Don. Unfortunately I didn’t taste it. It’s because I was busy snapping photos of other foods.

Salmon Don

The only thing that I could remember about my sister’s Fried Udon was the prawn was big and the taste of it was spicy and a little bit sour.

Fried Udon

We also ordered other side dishes such Dragon Roll, Salmon Skin sushi, Soft Shell Crap Roll, Unagi, Salmon and etc.

It’s my 1st time eating Salmon Skin sushi and I enjoyed eating it because of the crispiness of the salmon skin.

Salmon Skin Sushi Dragon Roll Sushi

So that’s it. Basically that what I did during this Christmas. Had lots of laughter here and there with my family members. Enjoyed it very much. I won’t forget what we laughed about on that Christmas night. Hahaha…

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Celebration 2009 (Part 1)

I’m suppose to write this post before Christmas. But then I’ve decided to write it after Christmas because by then I would have done many things and ate many things before Christmas and on Christmas itself. So are you ready to start reading? Don’t worry, I’ll include some pictures to give some visual/imagination aid.

My Christmas mood started few weeks before Christmas. It all started when my parents were shopping for a bigger Christmas Tree to replace the old one that we had since I was a young, cute and adorable (what else word can I use? haha..) 11 year old boy. Due to the limited space on the old Christmas Tree, we were not able to decorate many things on it. So getting a new was a good idea after all. The only thing that we need to consider before buying the tree was the size of the tree (small, medium, large). So we decided to buy the medium tree (roughly 172cm tall) for RM119.

Assembling the tree was easy. It took me and my mom 30 minutes fix the tree. After assembling the tree, me and my mom starred at the tree for a moment. Then we started to have some weird feelings about the tree. Let see whether you notice anything or not.

Christmas Tree (before)

We were disappointed because the Christmas tree didn’t look as nice as we thought it would be. It looked so bald empty right? We literally can see through the tree clearly. But then I realised that each of the branches can be expanded and it took me 2 hours to do so.

Christmas Tree (after)

So the tree looks big and nice after all. After that, my mom started decorating the tree with light bulbs, mini santa and etc. This time, more decoration things can be put on the tree and the tree look colourful after decorating it.

Christmas Tree

This Christmas Tree really create Christmas Celebration atmosphere in the house for the past few weeks before Christmas.

Merry Christmas

On Christmas Eve, all of us went to Bay Leaf Steak House for dinner.

Bay Leaf

We were given a menu that was set specially for Christmas. So we started ordering 1 Garlic Bread, 1 Cheese Bread, 1 Turkey Soup and of course our own individual food.

Garlic Bread

The taste of this Garlic Bread is something different compared to Pizza Hut’s Garlic Bread. The garlicky taste, the herbs that was used, and the crispiness of the bread was just right.

Cheese Bread

One thing good about this Cheese Bread was they melted the cheese on the bread instead of using cheese spread.

Instead of ordering the whole Turkey (which we couldn’t finish), we ordered 1 Turkey Soup just for fun.

Turkey Soup

The Turkey Soup was creamy and there were some strands of turkey meat that tasted just like chicken.haha…

So for me I ordered Beef Chicken Fajitas. I remember when I’m small, my mom used to tell me not to play with my foods. Well, in this case I can because I need to get my hands dirty to eat my Beef Chicken Fajitas.

Beef Chicken Fajitas

Overall my meal was nice. The texture of the beef was tender although I requested it well done. My meal was quite filling though the portion was small.

So the rest of my family members they ordered things like Lamb Chop and Tenderloin Steak. I only manage to taste a bit of the Lamb Chop. I just love the taste of the Lamb Chop covered in black paper sauce and also the oily fats from the meat itself. Thinking back about the taste of the Lamb Chop right now makes my mouth waters.

Lamb Chop

I didn’t manage to taste the Tenderloin Steak but I guess that it is nice too.

Tenderloin Steak

Maybe I’ll write another post about the taste of Bay Leaf’s Tenderloin Steak if I eat at there again in the future.

So that’s it all for my 1st part of my Christmas Celebration. I’ll be updating the 2nd part as soon as possible.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Avatar (2009)

Everywhere I go, I saw posters and advertisements about the movie, Avatar. Trailer of this movie was being displayed on the screen in public places. People are talking about this movie and are giving good feedbacks since the day Avatar was released.


A few days back, my life was basically surrounded by things related to Avatar. Even the word “Avatar” kept appearing in my mind. So I told myself that I need to watch this movie before Christmas (because after Christmas I’ll be busy with my studies already).

To be honest, I didn’t know what is the story about. I didn’t read the synopsis or watch the trailer of this movie even before stepping in the cinema to watch it. All I know about this movie are there will be creatures with blue face and there will be loads of action and shooting scenes. That were the reasons why I wanted to watch Avatar in 3D. But unfortunately tickets to watch 3D Avatar in GSC ECM were sold out for the time that I wanted. So I bought the normal ticket instead.

Actually I was quite disappointed not able to watch Avatar in 3D. I was more disappointed while watching the movie because there are many scenes in the movie that will be fantastic if watched in 3D. For those who have watched Avatar, still remember the scene where Jake Sully & Neytiri were walking in Pandora where there were many colourful lighted plants? The scene where Jake Sully acted like a “baby”, touching every plants that he saw? Can you imagine how beautiful will it be if you watch that scene in 3D? I confess that throughout the movie, I mumbled something that goes like this “Haiz, this scene will be nicer in 3D.Wasted!”

Overall, I liked the movie very much. The storyline and the way this movie was presented is something different compared to other movies that I’ve watched. So, for those who haven’t watch Avatar, you still have 1-2weeks left to decide whether or not to watch it. If you decide to watch, I would recommend that you watch it in 3D. As a saying goes “It’s better to be sure than sorry”. Don’t be like me, still having the feeling of regrets in me.

Frankly speaking, sometimes I do think of watching Avatar again, this time in 3D (just for the sake of satisfying myself ^_^). But on the other hand, I’m hoping that there will be a 2nd part of this movie. Maybe the title will be “Avatar 2: The Return of The Sky People”. Haha…

Rating 4.0

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Tiring One Day Trip To Kuala Lumpur

I arrived back home at 11pm yesterday from Kuala Lumpur. It has been a tiring one day trip for me travelling to KL and back to my hometown.

I woke up at 7.15am and started getting ready for my one day trip. I manage to board the bus on time at 8am. On a normal day, I will wake up at 10am-12pm. That means this trip has caused me to lose my precious 3 hours of sleeping time. But I’m glad because the bus that I sat was very comfortable. It is my 2nd time travelling on Transnational Club Class bus and it is my 1st time sitting alone in a 1+1+1 sitting position. Imagine the amount of space that I had throughout the journey.

Transnasional Club Class

Transnasional Club Class Interior

I slept throughout the journey because I was really tired (what else can I do besides sleeping…Sightseeing?). I reached KL at 12noon and immediately went to a plaza searching for some Christmas present. I was a bit sad because the thing that I wanted to buy was out of stock. But never mind, I will try searching for it at my hometown.

I had my lunch at a stall in the plaza. I ordered Nasi Lemak Special for RM6.90 which included a soft drink that was free of charge.

Nasi Lemak Special

The Nasi Lemak Special tasted like an ordinary one, but the soft drink… I had a BIG problem with the soft drink given to me. Nothing wrong with the type of soft drink that I have selected. But there was a BIG problem with the cup that was used to serve the drink. I suspected that they didn’t wash the cup clean because I saw some unusual bubbles on the surface of my drink which looks like soap bubbles. I’ve drank soft drinks for many years now, and I definitely can differentiate gassy bubbles with soapy bubbles. If some of you still can’t differentiate it, try mixing soap with some soft drink, you will know what I mean. But please DO NOT drink it. I repeat, DO NOT drink it (or else ClementLemonBoy will be in the headlines in tomorrows newspaper).

After having my lunch, I immediately took a bus back to my college to register myself and to obtain my room key. I got a shock when the clerk hand over my room key to me. Let me explain myself with the pictures below.

Old Key Chain 
This was my old set of keys. As you can see the picture on the left, the key chain is broken (I don’t know how the hack it broke into two). I managed to stick it back, thanks to Super Glue. But the cracks were visible to the naked eye. I was afraid that the clerk would fine me for damaging it. I was prepared to give some money for the damage that I’ve done but on the other hand, I was given a brand new set of key chain without getting any fine. Cool!!!

New Key Chain

Everything I did that day was in a rush because I need to rush back to Pudu Bus Station to get myself a ticket to go back home. So after getting my keys, I quickly enter my room and took a shower (I don’t feel comfortable travelling in a sweaty condition) before heading back to Pudu Bus Station.

Upon arriving at Pudu at 5.20pm, I tried searching for the earliest bus back to my hometown. Unfortunately, all the 5.30pm bus ticket was sold out, so the earliest bus ticket that I can buy was at 6.30pm. I spent the next 1 hour eating Twister in KFC in front of the bus station.

KFC Twister

The journey back home was also comfortable. I literally slept the whole journey because I was too tired travelling and walking back and forth. I arrived back home at 11pm and went to bed after having my supper.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sushi King Card #2

Three days after registering myself as a member with Sushi King, I ate at Sushi King with my friends. We did not order that much because it is not time for dinner yet. As usual I ordered Unagi and Soft Shell Crab. That’s my all time favourite items in Sushi King. I just love the crunchy feeling of the crab.

At that moment, my Sushi King Card is with me in my wallet. So getting 10% discount is definite for us. Yahoo!!! Imagine what will I do to myself if I forgotten to bring the card (I’ll try whopping my own arss real hard for missing the opportunity to save money).

Sushi King Membership Card 
The total cost for all our meals stated on the bill was RM32. So officially on 8/12/2009, 4:01:33pm I used the Sushi King Card for the 1st time and managed to save RM3.20!!! Although this amount might be small to some of you, but let me assure you guys that there is a saying “little-little long-long become MOUNTAIN”


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Playing SEGA When I Was A Kid

The 1st game console that I have when I was a kid was SEGA. Some of you might have heard or even owned one of this game console.

Let me explain further for those who never see or don’t have a clue what SEGA is. SEGA is a game console that I used to play roughly 10-15 years ago(can’t remember how old I was back then). This console is something like our modern game console such as PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii that enable me to have fun during my school holidays when I was in primary school. Until now I’m still keeping this SEGA at home. I just don’t have the heart to throw it away because this is the thing that I grew up with.

SEGA Game Cartridge

After watching Ninja Assassin and in the midst of writing my previous blog post, the word “Shinobi” suddenly flashed across my mind. Immediately after that, images related to that word appeared in my mind. And guess what? Shinobi is the name of a game I used to play on SEGA. That was the 1st Ninja game I played and that is how I love Ninja related things since small(mentioned in previous post). I manage to download that game here and I have captured a few screenshots of the game for you guys. And for those who played this game before, let me bring back those memories, alright? :-)

 Shinobi Start Menu  Shinobi_tricks Shinobi_1

Another game that I bumped into in the midst of searching the word Shinobi was Golden Axe. It’s also one of the games I used to play when I was a kid. Fortunately, I was also able to download this game for free at this website. I’ve included some screenshots for those who never heard of this game before.
 Golden Axe Start Menu Golden Axe Player Selection  Golden Axe 2  Golden Axe 3

I’m in the process of searching more games on the internet that are played on SEGA. Kindly let me know if you know of any.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ninja Assassin

I’m suppose to write and submit this post few hours ago, but I couldn’t find the energy to think because I’m just too tired due to the lack of sleep. My eyes are just losing hope on me @_@. After getting enough rest for my eyes and food for my stomach, I’m more than ready to proceed in writing this new blog post.

Even before reading the 1st paragraph above, you guys/girls should be able to guess what this post is about, right? Yes, you are right! It’s about the movie Ninja Assassin that was released in cinemas nationwide on the 25th November 2009.

Ninja Assassin

Some of you might be thinking “What? Now only watch!?! What the hack has Clement been doing for the past 2 weeks then? Staying in some jungle without any GSC or TGV izit?”

The truth is I’m not in some jungle in Malaysia and I’m busy doing my own things for the past 2 weeks. That’s the reason why I can’t find a time whereby I’m free to watch this movie. Early or late it doesn’t matter. What matter most is I have watched it and I watched it on the BIG screen in cinema instead of watching it on my own laptop or TV.

The things I like about this movie are:

  1. The movie is about the life of Ninjas. I love it since I was a kid (I will explain more on my next post),
  2. The range of martial arts that are used throughout the movie (fantastic!), and
  3. Some of the fighting scenes such as slashing, stabbing, the wounds on Raizo’s(Rain) foot when he was a kid and the huge slash on his stomach with a Shuriken in it are very realistic.

Clement’s Word of Advice: This movie is not suitable for people who have a weak stomach, afraid of blood and slashed wounds. (It will make you fast chilli/tomato sauce for days)

Rating 3.5

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sushi King Card

The first time I ate Japanese Food was in the year 2007 when I celebrated my 19th birthday. I ordered a Beef Teriyaki which was served with a bowl of Japanese rice, a bowl of  Chawanmushi, a bowl of Miso Soup, and a slice of watermelon.

Beef Teriyaki

(The three photos above are for illustration purpose only because i didn’t capture the real photo back then. All credits goes back to the owner)

The taste of the sliced beef cooked with Teriyaki sauce is really very tasty. That is also my first time eating beef cooked in such a way and giving such flavours to my taste butts buds. Such tasty Teriyaki Beef does not require a food expert to realise how good it was.

Upon reaching home, I quickly convince my mom that Beef Teriyaki is tastier compared to Black Pepper Beef and Soy Sauce Beef. I suggested to my mom that she should try cooking beef with Teriyaki sauce for a change. A few days after that, my mom really bought a bottle of Teriyaki sauce from Cold Storage.

Teriyaki Sauce

That is how my interest for Japanese Food begins. I started eating Japanese Food roughly once every 3-4 months. Although the number of times might be too often or seldom to a certain people, but its better than not eating it for the past 19 years, right?

Sushi King is the main place I dine for Japanese Food. Sushi will be the main food I eat there due to the varieties of Sushi served there. I will tend to grab hold of those mouth watering Sushi that passes by me on the conveyor belt. I have to say I enjoyed eating and tasting different kinds of Sushi but when it comes to pay the bill, the amount turn out to be expensive for a university student like me. The total price could be a few times more expensive than the price of an ordinary pasar malam Char Keow Teow (RM 3.50).

Char Keow Teow

Getting a Sushi King Card didn’t come into my mind until the month of October 2009 when Sushi King are having their Sushi King RM2 Bonanza. Imagine the amount of Sushi I can eat for only RM2 a plate. I don’t mind eating Sushi for breakfast,lunch & dinner for 4 days straight! But unfortunately i didn’t have the privilege to enjoy that promotion because I’m too busy completing my assignments that was flooded given to me by my lecturers.

So my task of getting a Sushi King Card didn’t work out. Therefore, one of my task in my to-do-list will be registering as a member with Sushi King once I’m back home for the semester holiday. And guess what? I finally registered myself as a member of Sushi King by filling up my personal details in a form. The Sushi King Card was given to me along with 2 RM10 vouchers, Sushi King Calendar 2010, and a set of premium gift (toothpick & salt) on the spot right after I pay RM20 for the membership fees.

Sushi King Card 2010 Membership

I’m surprised at the amount of things I received for only RM20. So actually I’m paying RM20 for 2 RM10 vouchers, a membership card which will be 10% discount off Sushi King’s menu for a period of 1 year, and other goodies. That is so cool. Now I can save a lot of $$$ every time I eat in Sushi King for the next 1 year.

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