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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1st Day As An Intern

Few months ago I have been busy going for interviews here and there to make sure that I have a position in a company to do my practical/internship for 5 months. And I’m grateful that TechnoDex Solutions Sdn Bhd, an IT company in Puchong not only accepted me, but also 7 other of my friends. Our internship will be going on from the 5/7/2010 until 19/11/2010.

So yesterday was my 1st day going to work as an intern. I didn’t have a good night sleep though because I was a bit excited nervous because I will be totally in a new environment for the next 5 months. So I woke up at 6.30am to prepare myself for the day that I have been waiting for weeks.

I made myself a small breakfast to fill my empty stomach so that it will not make any noise/distraction while I’m working.


Since I was up early and I had ample time, so I’ve decided to listen to some songs on Youtube to relax myself and to worship the Lord because He is the source of our Peace.


We started leaving the house at 8.20am. Our office is a stones throw away from our house. So it only took us 5 mins to reach to our working place. We were early. We waited for someone to give us some briefing in the meeting room.

meeting room

Finally, one of TechnoDex employee came in to inform us our respective personal Project Manager(PM). Everyone was assigned to 1 PM. I was told that my PM is KC. After distributing the names, we were brought up to the working area on Level 1. The moment we opened the door, all of the employee that were on their desk were starring at us. I felt a bit awkward and shy at the beginning because I didn’t have so many eyes starring at me the same time my entire life (besides performing on stage). But then I started to feel much better after settling down on my working desk.

Some of my friends got to meet with their PM there and then. But as for me, my PM was not around yet. So I sat at my desk while waiting for him to come. While waiting for him/her (because that time I didn’t know my PM was a male/a female), I got to see with my own eyes the real working life in an IT company. It was really a can eye opener for me (in a good way).

After waiting for 30 minutes, finally my PM approached me and introduced himself. And yes, my PM is a MAN! Man or Woman doesn’t really matter. What matter the most is he/she is willing to guide me and to expose me to more new things that I’m not able to get in university. He started explaining the things that I will be doing and the things that he will be teaching me. The 1st computer word that came out from his mouth was, Scripting. Then I was like "Hmm ok, scripting. I didn’t learn that, but ok I’m willing to learn”. He immediately gave me a task there and then after giving a short explanation (verbally and via Yahoo Messenger). Yeah, Yahoo Messenger. That is 1 of the way employees communicate with each other in the company. How cool is that right? How I wished lecturers allow us to use MSN during lecture periods..haha

I manage to complete the 1st task that was given before lunch hour. We had our lunch in a near by Bah Kut Teh restaurant. It was quite expensive, so we did not order it individually, but we share it among 3 ppl.

bah kut teh

Some of you might be worried that I ate very little for lunch, right? No worries, I ordered another bowl of white rice to fill my empty stomach.

After lunch we went back to our office and continue with our own task. To be honest, I’m quite tired and sleepy because I didn’t sleep well the night before. So for those who saw me going in and out of the toilet, I did that because I want to keep myself fresh. Haha..

Our shift ends at 6pm but none of us dare to make the 1st move to leave the desk because we were so chicken paiseh/shy about it because it was our 1st day at work. But finally after 15 minutes of pushing the responsibility here and there, all of us stood up and started leaving our desk.

We had our dinner at a food court nearby our house. I had Nasi Lemak Kukus which cost be RM4.50. It was somewhat delicious although it was a bit expensive. My 1st day as an intern ends with a nice sunset that could be seen far away…



Thomas said...

ha? like that only a? =P more details pls.

Chan Clement said...

Thomas: haha yeah actually i there are more...I didn't write that detail coz i need to work the next need to sleep early...haha

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