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Friday, December 3, 2010

Raise your hand. Stop child abuse now!

The number of cases of child abuse are increasing and getting serious by the years. Social Welfare Department of Malaysia have indicated every year around 1,000 children were reported to be abused by their parents, relatives or guardians.

1,000 children in Malaysia alone, imagine what would be the total of child abuse in other countries? Think about it…


Child abuse will give a great impact on the children physically and mentally when they are growing up. Victims will not only suffer physically or mentally, but they might also will end up running away from home,  exposed to greater risk on the streets and some might be sexually exploited.

Actions should be taken to reduce the number of cases and to stop this barbaric act. Start giving hope and good future to all the children because they deserve it. STOP CHILD ABUSE NOW!!

Raise your hand. Stop Child Abuse NOW!!! Click HERE to register yourself in supporting this campaign.


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